Thursday, April 26, 2007

today..i wanna talk about 'bathroom'. yeap!!.. that small kamar utk kiter termenung.. actually, plp always prioritize the bedroom.. well no doubt it is important. But do u know that making sure the bathroom to be as pleasant n nice as possible is also a must. 2 simple reason!.. 1. wat if the door is open..n plp can view it from outside...(bayangkan those baldi merah hanging & sabun terdampar atas sinki saje..) .. not that good to see rite?.. 2. wat if visitors or even BESTfriend that very emergency to looo in ur bathroom... (in dlm hati dier berbisik... bilik pengantin cantik tp knp tandas kotor..).. well we want everything to look nice rite... so remember all bride.. pls also includes beautify ut bathroom in ur MUST do list..

here are some tips..
1.Hang potpori wit fruits smells.. (strawberry/apple always create that fresh smell)
2.Put a set of bathtools eg span mandi, berus kaki, sabun herba,batu pumis and Ausino small embroidery towels next to it.
3.bathroom decorations in steel or wood (simply to compliment it)
4.small bottles or miniature of many body lotion.
5.A set of tools for ur manicure at our drawer.
6.Fragrant Candles in sizes will make it cute (decorate it with ribbon)
7.want something fun?..hang some cute pix at the wall in simple frame (pix when u were 5 may be in swimming suit)
8.if u have toilet curtain.. choose some romantic design such as Love shapes, or sexxy lips.
9.Pokok-pokok kecik disusun atas lantai to create those 'damai' mood
10. got extra budget..find long cable and hand 2 small speakers somewhre in it n connect it to ur Ipod in the room.. wow.. Music in Bathroom.. Super Cool!...

and also..check out this link

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