Tuesday, May 08, 2007


yeap. u plp.. if u are in midst of wedding preparation
u surely need to make some payment.
here are advise from u.. (from my experience!)
NEVER PAY FULL if u just meet n know ur supplier for short while.

we never know this world...
walau sesama melayu, ada yg masih mengambil kesempatan.
No matter how innocent he/she looks, PAY DEPOSIT OR HALF PAYMENT


of twilight and dreams said...

Dear mya,

Regarding full payment dgn deposit ni, I am also a bit worried la...

Since we are all so.. it-savvy, most things, we tend to search on the internet first.

I am booking a photographer soon, but i am a bit worried though. Yes they have shown their portfolio over the net, got same great reviews, but who know?, maybe I am an unlucky one (*touch wood*)

That is why I am a bit hesitatant when one wedding vendor ask me for a 50 % deposit to just book.

p/s: Btw, mya, you owe me one wedding ring close-up pic.


From 4 of us said...

hahahah... yup!.. the ring! very soon! very soon!

yeap.. if u could avoid paying 50%, pay agreed amount. But never pay full!.. true way u have said, may be u're the unlucky one! (*touchwood)

Alhamdulillah & Insya Allah 4weddingku have been very honest to customer. we were all once a bride 2 be..

Thank u for all the trust.

Anonymous said...

hi all of you. reena ni.
first! mya right? saya selalu baca blog awak! best! many input. macam 'guru' masa preparation my engagement last time.
tapi nak share jugak. Saya juga pernah kena tipu. masa bayar catering. Ingat nak murah so ambik kenalan yang kononya boleh memasak . SInce dia tidak ada modal, my father dah upfront 80% payment atas dasar kenalan. 2 hari sebelum engament day, dia tak datang. Kesian Tak? Last minit masak sendiri. Lagi puas hati. Tak tahu mana orang tu pergi. nak kahwin tahun depan memang akan pakai catering betul-betul.


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