Monday, March 12, 2007

Review on Kg. Pengantin

well here are some infos on Venue for wed. Those who are searching for the rite venue, here are some 4weddingku thoughts after attending to one yesterday,

Concept : it is a nice place for those who are looking a wedding with a garden concept..
Location: In city, quite and cozy
Space : Aint enuf parking space (the guest was 400 pax), make that me n mr arjuna have to park outside
Bungalows: This place is so cool that as if u were in ur house. Complete with bilik pengantin (and its really nice...i bet must be the gold ineterior)
Pelamin: Superb (may b the bride choose the most expensive package)
Food: hurm.. im not food critic expert but it was ok i guess...
Decor: Loving it cor there was like an aisle.. so garden!

However i dont suggest for a afternoon function as that place is so hot. (may be the weather) but the reception at 9pm yesterday was really uncomfortable. Luckily 1 of the doorgift is kipas. It was really a relief.. i think that place with a better air condition.. can be a perfect place for a garden wed (got klcc view too)

But the most important... the bestfriend look gorgeous in that White French Lace dress! Happy Honeymooning in Phuket!


Haariz's Mommy said...

where is Kg. Pengantin?

From 4 of us said...

Kg. Pengantin located in jln Ampang. Behind Proton Showroon in Jalan Ampang.. or somewhere near Holiday Villa... Its a big bungalow with big compound!

euglena said...

Do u have any contact number? What is the price, package? Expensive???

zarra said...

can i get the contact number or any website add?

4weddingku.mya said...

Im sorry i dont have thier number either! However my comments,its really nice place! Nice bridal room too! But last time i went, kind of "hot". But i heard they already i improve in that. About the price packages, they have many ranges!


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