Friday, January 12, 2007

hello again... hurmmm soooo soorryyyy.... ive been very-very busy wit my new life.. yup life as a wife... it is very-very fun and interesting. no doubt that certain parts are challenging...

many have ask how do u coupe ar any advise.. well all here are some tips that i got from my references...

10 stupid mistakes even smart brides make :-
1.inviting too many guest
2.ordering the wedding gown and booking the hotel too late
3.undergoing last minute beauty treatments and crash dieting
4.trying to do everything yourself
5.underpaying invitation postage
6.printing wrong map on invites
7.wardrobe mailfuntion
8.foegetting to thank the guest
9.getting intoxicated
10.losing your sence of humor

(i have to admit..i did it tooo)

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