Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wedding Ring Talk...

hey all girls..futurebride..ladies... have u ever been in a situation to choose the best and 'THE' Ring for your wedding? .. Solitaire or Wedding Band .. White Gold or Platinum .. errhghhh...
so what do you think...

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of twilight and dreams said...


As a self proclaim proscrastinator, hehhee... it is very hard finding a ring that I like, and most importantly, it doesn't break the bank.


So, what are you looking for untuk w-ring (wedding ring). Westerner bride will go for a solitaire engagement ring, and a band to seal the deal.

Tapi macam orang melayu lain sikit cara nya kan, some pilih cincin ker,rantai or gelang ker.. etc..mak-bapak kita suka tengok anak dia dapat pemberian aset cam gold gitu.

But time changes I guess, sekarang lebih ramai bride suka kan ring as token of love.

Personally I love eternity band, tapi it is very expensive, and not very durable for daily use. So im going for 1/2 eternity band for my e-ring and I will opt for a solitaire ring for w-ring.

So... if ou are looking for a solitaire, how many carats ler pulak ?? I tried on a 1.0 carat stone, and it is so beautiful..... *drooling like crazy la... tapi.. ishh. it is way.. beyond our budget.

What kind of setting are you looking for, high profile, or very low setting ?

Are you going to stack your rings together ? If yes, kena lah cari w-ring yang tinggi sikit setting dia, so dia takde gap between rings.

Prong/Claws ?? Six or 4 ? Six is a safe bet, kalau satu claw bent or broken, you have another 5 claws to secure the diamond. Tapi 4 will show the diamond to it's best advantage, especially, if you have lower than 0.3 carat stone.

If your stone is bigger than 0.5 carat, I think it doesn't matter which one. I guess it is all about personal preference. I prefer the 4 prong setting, set low.

If you want to make your diamond appear bigger, you can go for bezel or halo setting. Check out T&Co. latest blue book, there are a lot of fantastic halo rings there.

Band... phewww !!! flat band, knife edge bend, square shank... 2.5mm, 3mm etcc... so many choices, but only 1 ring.. hahahaha..

Finsihing ? matted, gloss... shiny.... textured... macam2 ada..

So camna ? dah confuse dah ker ???

Ohh what is your ring size ? kalau your size is lower than 10,wahh congrats you have beautiful slender fingers. But you have to consider your knuckles size too. Mine is pudgy size 12 :( with small knuckles.

Platinum or White gold ?? *sighh.. platinum is so seductive la.... but it cost 2.5x more that white gold. For me, I am going for white gold, cause I want a bigger stone :p

*sighh... decision.. decision..



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