Wednesday, November 15, 2006

another chapter of mya's weddind tale..

ive went 2 the kursus kahwin. It was really funny.. gelak tak ingat.. Those pak ustaz 'gatai-gatai' .. asyik usik us those bakal pengantin. Me n arjuna went 2 Kursus @ medan mara. The regisration there is RM80. Well recommended!... Here are the flow that i went thru..

1.daftar & attend kursus kahwin (1 1/2 day courses)
(many courses but suggested to go places that confirmed with JAWI approved)
(Normally price average at RMM80)
(the organizer need 3working days to get the cert ready)

2. Fill up Borang Permohonan kahwin ..-i got he formm from kursus kahwin place
(make sure which mukim u supposed to apply)
(Fill up all the blanks and attached with supporting document) ** Double ensure before submitting
(Make appointment with Tok Imam to meet him for signature)
(Tag along ur dadddy to meet to Imam)

3. Submit to JAWI a complete form (for non-kl must wit HIV Check up)
(to pay RM25 for processing fee)

4. AFter getting approval.. find contact no. tok kadi where u need dinikahkan
(ask phone no. from JAWI)
(call them n make appointment)
(ask on wali & saksi)

5. Few days before solemnisation.. remind your tok kadi.

..the process flow might be different according to state however pls check. wat i wrote here just my experience towards dapat kebenaran nikah.. lil tips.. get it done 2 months earlier..

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