Friday, November 10, 2006

enuff on this 4weddingku... now lets concentrate on 4weddingku special: MYA'S WEDDING TALE ...
well.. my crib@mutiara damansara now already starting to have d mood of 'wedding'. Mama dah start packing. Everyday like calling me pesan kotaklah..pesan glue lah.. macam2.
while everybody still in hari raya mood.. me&arjuna nearly everyday went jalan2 'usha'ring La La La hantaran stuff ka.. bridal boutique ka or go 2 my 2nd house,,,..(SSF!)
Despite i already start menggelabah on this whole wedding... i am trying me very level best to stay calm.. I need to calm ok.. I easily got migrane n recently.. my leg cramped badly! (peristiwa sungguh memalukan disebuah event)..
I already start 2 buy stuff for hantaran. Concept.. (jeng-jeng...lil clue.. -simple of course!). Doorgift..although baru siap 20boxes (380boxes to go..).. i still think its under control!.
Guestlist?... Now im wit Arjuna@ startbucks Ikea 2 checkout more cool wed links. (currently he is looking my appointed nikah photographer web at his notebook- Jangguttouch. he loves it!)

ish.. bestler find guidelines this month.. nearly all magazine were special edition:perkahwinan.. Fotopages wedd pun byk yg menarik.. friends wedding pun banyak... ohhh... bestnyer..

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of twilight and dreams said...

hye mya !

have fun shopping.... go and shop till you drop, well literally jer lah kan... :P

take care



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