Thursday, August 17, 2006

Garden Engagement..Last 2 weeks have been a hatic week 4 me. Every single day ill go shop 2 buy engagement stuff..I actualy neve believe that i have this hidden talent of me doing gubahan hantaran..yes u people.. all my engagement stuff are all from 4weddingku..thanx friends..well mama.. everything u said i do take into considerations.. Mama said that my gubahan too simple..(well mama less is more)..Mama said that my room is too plain..(i wanna create sweet ambiance la..) Mama said that my invitation card too english.. (kata garden engagement)..Mama said that my ring is too small.. (well u know i like simple stuff mama)..But however... Mama did say my baju is very nice (Thanx Amin Jauhary).. Mama said my doorgift is sweet..(Thanx aunties n my maid).. watever it is mama.. thank u 4 d support... (n mama.. i think 4 dozen of roses is enough la..)
As for my Arjuna..Thank u so much 4 layaning me.. From Nilai 3 to SSF (to buy engagement stuff especially flowers)..From Jln Tar to Alinaz (to find kain n tepak sireh)..From the curve to Bangsar Village (to find Patchi).. From Habib to Diomand Platinum (to ge D ring).. Thank u so much... "TooooOOoooo.."

Ill be updating n uploading my garden engagement small, simple n private function in this blog.
Doakan my engagement goes well..dan diberkati Allah s.w.t

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of twilight and dreams said...

Seronok dengar your preparation and all. Best la... :)

Semoga majlis yang di idam2kan tu akan berjalan lancar.

Take care


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