Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pre Honeymoon Talk

Try to remember when did u have a little chatty on your honeymoon plan?
Before wedding? During engagement period of after weds?
Technically (and realistically) b2b already has their wish list
Island, Historical and romantic cities always been the most preferred choice
And of course, subject to each individual budget

But did u remember how your husband or husband to be reacts?
To most I believed are pretty much calm and talks openly on this
But nonetheless, there are still couples that feel more comfortable only at their post wedding.
Whichever period, here are some my personal points, what to discuss on your pre-honeymoon talk: -

1    1. Do both agree to go for honeymoon? (Ground Rules!). It is important to know this in order to avoid assumptions that you both need to get that sweet escape which on reality, your partner feel ‘not necessarily’

2    2. What is an ideal honeymoon for you? You might love London or Paris, but may be he prefers that intimate privacy at Langkawi or Phuket. So it is better to get a mutual agreement, as we want both to be happy!

3    3. To know the minimum requirement. There are many details need to be plan as we brides normally wants to be a special and romantic moment (or at least as per your dream). However this is one of your marriages Principe! It requires both agreement (unless he or you allowed one party to plan or make it as a surprise!). So lets manage that expectation. Other items that fall in this category such as days, budget and activities.

4    4.  Try to be as casual as possible.(You do not want to scare anyone on your OCD or Queen Control attitude… J ) Remember as it supposed to be fun!

Good Luck and happy planning!


FY said...

we both love island and maldives was a great choice for us!! unforgettable moment

4weddingku Blog said...

u went to Maldive FY... (FAINT)... lucky you! and it is one of the honeymoon fav spot in the WORLD ok!


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