Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wedding Shoes

Brides normally have long list of To-Do and To-Buy
However many have put less priority for wedding shoes.
Probably because it is placed at UNSEEN areas (legs) or
Brides have the mentality that with gorgeous dress and flower bouquets,
The look is already completed.

Well I think this is a common mistake done in Malaysia
We put lack of priority here.
I have witnessed that the shoes were too formal for such event, or even mismatched in terms of colors and design.
Worst, it is looked NOT at new shoes anymore.
Sigh…  It is kind of frustrating to see this.

Here is some of our checklist on wedding shoes

  1.  Finding a right wedding shoe is a MUST. Brides wear only complete when wedding shoes are also being considered. If you are hiring a designer for your bride dress, let them design/ provide it as well if they offer such service. Could be a bit expensive but worth the time and effort finding the shoes that will compliment the beautiful dress rightly.
  2. If NO, and you have to source your own wedding shoes, please make some study on the design that would match your dress. (i.e. with laces, blings, white colour vs ivory etc.)
  3.  Scout for shops that sell beautiful shoes that are under your budget. Some great retailers that offer affordable wedding shoes are NINE WEST, LEWRE, PRIMAVERA etc. But if the kind of shoes design/ colours are available at other brands, than be it. Of course, if you have that extra budget, STUART WEITZMAN, or JIMMY CHOO has amazing wedding shoes.
  4.  If you are looking for simple white shoes but to be used for long term, try add up nice bling brooch at the shoes during the wedding. Post wedding, the shoes could still be used for other function and so does the brooch!
  5.  If you are not planning to buy a new one and to use the current, just make sure it is in good and clean conditions. OP nowadays love to snap the wedding shoes shot.
  6. Normally, shoes with minimum of 2 inches heels are acceptable. It will give you the extra tall that you need and great for Picture Perfect. However if you have some tall issues with your dear husband, during photo shoot session, try to adjust your knee. J

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