Saturday, March 09, 2013

Unnecessary Stress after marriage

Hello darlings,

What i am going to blog today might not related so much on wedding.
But this is the real true story of post wedding..
Especially inside this malay community which may be culture defines as 'normal'

Topic is : "Bila nak ada isi"

So dearly brides at home;
Please raise your hand if you were bombarded with this questions
to your wedding that not even a year old!


Not to panic you but the questions will generally sounds 'normal' to every newly bride
Why i said "panic' truly because after a while (still within a year)...
The question which you thought will never bother
Eventually will spark you that question....
"Kenapa i tak berisi"
Then, all the assumptions and thoughts arise!or which i claimed as;
"the unnecessary stress"

Yes, you may have thought, 
1) Dont bother; but you can't lie to yourself
2) Prepare the script (2 sets actually)... A polite versus sarcastic ; but explaining to every kenduri kendara or friends gathering simply an't worth it!
3) Avoiding social meet; why should i? 
4) Change the topic - Seriously, 'they' will still coming back

So dearly brides,
Just prepare yourself mentally.
Meaning so; some of the options mentioned above could be applied on certain occasion.
and; perhaps you could educate your close families and friends that;
you are in the 'honeymoon' mood or you have been trying (like seriously)
But, belum ada rezeki...
Hopes, somehow they will stop eventually...



Norhazrina Abdul Hamid said...

thx a lot 4 dis tips *hugggss* :)

FY said...

omg..i am one of the 'victim'..baru semalam kena sbb ada kenduri at our house..hampir hilang sabar becoz the makcik keep on touching my belly..haiihhhh..


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