Monday, March 04, 2013

Rumah Kebaya Malaysia, contest blogger!

Hello darlings,

March is here! How time flies...
Meaning, for dearly 2013 Brides, your BIG day is just around the corner..
How is the plan goes so far?
I hope 2013 Brides are well prepared! InsyaAllah...
If NOT, please do take sometime to read our 2012 4weddingku Blog Awards Winners!
They have great tips and marvellous links for your wedding preparation

In the meanwhile, as i was blogwalking at The Cinderella Project ,
I found this really great post!
A Contest Blogger by Rumah Kebaya Malaysia!
and brides darlings! The Prize is of course!, beautiful wedding gown from Rumah Kebaya Malaysia!
Worth writing a post right!

Go to the links to know more!

{photo from Rumah Kebaya Malaysia }

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