Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beauty Collagen for Bride 2 be

I decided to share this.
A real life result by my future bride.

Well, we met last year while making her engagement hantaran.
So just recently we met again to futher discussed her solemnisation hantaran.
To by surprise as she stepped into Mya&Dyana Studio,
She looks gorgeously beautiful! (Sorry, she said no picture..hehe)

With her new hijab style and flawless skin, i kept saying to myself,
"Seri Pengantin Kot"
So we continued discussing the concept and bla- blas
But until certain extent, i must asked her what was the secret...
And so finally she shared..

She was actually an early 30's bride! So conserningon  her dull looking skin before her big day,
She was then introduced by her friend on El Marino Collagen by ELKEN
She took 3 sachets in a day! (Advisable 2 sachet per day only).
This pomegranate taste supplement simply an easy and effective healthy drink.
RM188 per box (30 sachets) were claimed by her and many more real user (based on web review)
As a truly a worth kind of investment.

Hurm, thought of just sharing this to my brides and readers

Tell me if you have experienced this or even heard about it too!


yayaa said...

waahh..klo lah sy punyer wit ribu riban gji y macuk sbulan..sure sy pun pgi bli jgk collagen nieh..-_-

MIZA said...

Sy dh pakai produk ni tapi tak ada perubahan langsung. Buang duit je. Jom boikot produk ni...

MIZA said...

Sy dh pakai produk ni 5 bln tapi tak ada perubahan. So jom boikot produk ni!!!


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