Saturday, January 02, 2010

Brides Top 10 with Mya!

1. Get Organized
Every bride to invest into this lil wed log book. I suggest make it small so you can easily throw into your big hobo bag! And yes, get a nice one! (Janganlah beli yg buku 555). They have many really nice design at MPH or Borders. Jot down you’re a-z planning with him! It is better if its with budget & timeline too!

2. Scrapbook visualize your dream
There is nothing wrong to create your own scrapbook. Make a collage from many wedding magazines/ pictures that inspired you! Even if its online- PRINT it!. So next time when you meet you wed planner/designer/caterar or whoever in realizing your wedding, they will be be easily understood on what you meant!

3. Start with window shopping
Everything that you planned to buy/engaged/hiring, it is nothing wrong to window shop first! Meaning, seeing what are your options! Coz by doing this, every penny u spend, can be very worth it! (Only do this when you have ample time-Goes back to Point 1- Get Organized)

4. Book early!
Don’t do last minutes! What ever that you have fall inlove with, hantarans/dress/pelamin/wedding cakes- make sure you book them early! It gave you less hassle and allow brides make proper planning

5. Have a bridal journey blog
So let them say what ever they want! Its your blog! Write your bridal journey there! It can be one of your sweetest memories and u will discover new and great ideas too! Not to mentioned that you’ll ‘meet’ many virtual friends / brides. (Do not forget to link us ok!)

6. Be bold! Be daring!
I believed 2010 brides are more bold & creative. Many new colour combinations will excite 2010 wedding. Not too mentioned many weddings will be with theme! (I cant wait for this!). Its your money after all! Just make sure, planned it nicely!

7. Options for Shopping wedding’s stuff Oversea (Jakarta/Bandung/Bangkok)
Nowadays, Malaysian wedding industry were much better than previous years. Many great stuff at affordable price can be ordered just via online! Places like Nilai 3 sometimes can really impressed you if you really know to sources them right! So, if you are smart bride, there is no need to go all the way to Jakarta/Bandung or Bangkok. But if you really want something special and customade only for you, then this places are really worth it to be included in your wedding plan! Tag along your mom or sister or even best friends. Believed me, you need a second opinion there!

8. Make him INVOLVED!
Always get his opinion too! Make him involved! Sometimes you will be surprise what he had in mind. Remember that wedding is between YOU & HIM!

9. Wedding Exhibition – MUST go at least ONCE!
Try to go at least one from many wedding exhibition in 2010! Tak kisahlah kat mana… but sometimes it could give you some input what else to plan for the wedding. If your are lucky, your favourite wedding service provider photographer/ halls/ cakes/ pelamin, can offer you some discounts. (Saving! Saving!) This includes MATTA Fair if your are looking for great deal of honeymoon packages!

10. 4weddinggku l Lace&Beads l Sugar&Paste l Bib&Bumps , always in your mind! (hehe)
Being poyo!, under Mya&Dyana, we offer many ranges ideas and stuff for wedding. We might be very super small, but our ideas are big!.. seriously! ....


AdzyH said...

Love this!! I'm currently doing scrapbooking and the blogging! These are just lovely ideas to capture the wedding preps kan? I'm linking my blog to you ok? :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks quest of sharing information. I’ve written and shared my thoughts about this on my blog.

:.aYesHa.aHmaD.: said...

Done with the scrapbook, window shopping..of course..:) anyway, Nice info sistas..really loves to read ur site..;)

zephyred said...

thanx for the info's..blogs like this make being bridezillas much more easier :D

n thanx for the link too ;)


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