Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabrics for your wedding dress

If you are still in search for the right fabrics for your wedding gown,
May be now is the right time taking the opportunitis of Year End Sale,
For those bride-to-be of early next year!

Here are some luxury fabrics of choice, modern bride-to-be ..

There are many type & variant of Satin. Make sure you choose the right one! This are shinning fabrics that simply will fall on your body. It is a bit cheaper then the rest but will look simply sexxy with the right design on right body figure.

2. Chiffon
Is currently preferred choice even for engagement. This fabric is very sexy, soft and in case you don't know-its transparent! Beaded chiffon are slightly expensive and normally look so sweet in pastel colour pallete.

3. Organza
Suitable if you want to create some drama into your wedding gown. It is soft & also transparent. Need proper maintenance. Suitable for slim bride!

4. Lace
Also another preferred fabric for wedding gown. Simply because we do not wear lace in our ordinary day. (Something different). But carefull in choosing a good & qualify lace. Normally mixed with other fabrics and in 1 repeatation floral design. Come in many great colour combinations. Have i mentioned it will create that classy lokk too!

5. Velvet
Considered as luxury fabric caused only wore by the royal during early decade. Suitable only at selected design & body figure. Normally look great in 'rich' & dark colour.

6. Shantung
Have become popular lately as it will create classy look but in very 'tone down' manner. Can be expensive for a good & quality one. Looks great with any colour. Beaded shantung will definitely create that romantic look.

Below are amongst beautiful wedding dress wore by previous clients/friends.

Mya's Tips: Know your body first in choosing the right fabrics for you! Alaways get an advice first before putting the investment into the dress! Combination with the right accessories will enhanced the dress itself! Including the flower bouquet!

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