Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cerita Baju Raya

We only left one week before Aidilfitri.
I have not done my shopping yet as life been too busy.
So i was wondering what is the IN-Fesyen for 2009.
Magazines definitely best choice to wonder around.
But don't get me wrong as im not so much as fesyen follower.
As long cantik di mata, i'll grab it!

So, i am much attarcted with Busana Jubah Modern.
Which i found like below.
(But less glamour)

{Source: Rizman Ruzaini}

So where to go and find ready made baju raya?
That is beautiful and not too -mass produce!
And many selections of gorgeous boutique yet affordable

1. Ampang Park, KL
2. Ampang Point, Ampang
3. Subang Parade, Subang
4. Ampcorp Mall, PJ
5. Alam Central, Shah Alam

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