Monday, December 15, 2008

Villa Danialla,Tok Bali Kelantan

Me & My girlfriends were talking about
a real nice place for our short gateway vacation
Yeah,criteria:- somewhere nice & decent (Local please!)

One of the places that get into my attention
that really make me straight away google-ing it,
Was Villa Danialla (Sorry girls, no official website found)
But luckily i found the
owner's blog!
From the pics, this exclusive & breathtaking villas
(that i strongly think also suits for honeymooners)
is simply one of MY must visit place in Malaysia!

I like it so much that i wanna share their contact no. for booking purposes
09-7787 878

Our Honeymoon Spot this month:-
Name : Villa Danialla
Location: Tok Bali,Kelantan (Malaysia)
Type: Luxury Villas (They have several villas for couples & family)
Why its our Spot?: It looks comfy, classy and i think i would agree with her tag;
Escape to an intimate beach paradise!

Anyone have been there? I need to know some real experiences! share it with us!


~Erina Juliana~ said...

very nice this place.

4weddingku.mya said...

I totally agreed with u!

Iron Butterfly said...

the owner was my schoolmate and I usually visit her at the resort if i can spare some time (Since it's quite far from the town).

the official website was up early this year i think. u can try googling it again.

the place is really breathtaking. with the new infinity pool.. ahhh.. *dreamy*

Anonymous said...

sorry, erm.. jz a question here.
i heard that the manager in this resort is not friendly at all.
A gentleman had posted some complaints in his blog tellling that the manager refuse to let them check in because they were too many in number, 6 adults and not sure of how many children.

i was shock when i saw this as this shouldnt be happening. i was planning to do a trip to this resort with a bunch of frens during holiday.

we are just
planning to rent a room for rest and the purpose is enjoying at the beach.
but, after i saw the comment there, i was wondering should i have a plan B..

Pls reply.

4weddingku.mya said...

Well, i never been there either.. perhaps we should google more on real testimonials!

watsonrodrig said...

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hotels seminyak said...

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Anonymous said...


Villa Danialla said...

Villa Danialla Beach Resort

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