Sunday, December 14, 2008

Professional Make-Up Artist (Malaysia) most talk about by my friends, clients and me!

Again,i was asked about make-up artist for weddings.
(If u seriously know me,personally- i am really a girl who hates to do make-up)
Not that i have such a flawless skin, (totally the opposite actually)
Its just make-up is really not my 'thing'
Either for formal function or office,

My basis are only :-
1) Bodyshop Concealer (This is a must)
2) M.A.C Compact Powder (This product simply amazing)
3) Bobbi Brown Mascara (Itupun kalau teringat)
4) Bobbi Brown EyeLiner (If i have the mood)
5) Bobbi Brown Mauve Lip Pallete (Im such a 'pallete' freak!)
6) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (Taste so good feels wanna eat them)

So, i hope its pretty clear that im not so much of make-up girl AND if i really do 'these' stuff, NATURAL LOOK is the preffered ones!


Dear JesminJamel (I really like ur name)
Ive asked around on a real good make-up artist,
And below are some of big names
(and of course, these based on real testimonials)

- Saidatulnisa
- Razlan Bahari
- Sue Cantik
- Ayang Kamel
- Nasha

(I actually have several other names but i've forgotten)
-will u updates from time to time.

I knew those names are really big,but they are really good!
Hey, its your wedding day rite! Sekali seumur hidup wanna look damn gorgeous!
Why not? If u have that big budget..
(Its your money anyway)

How to get in touch?
Check out on Wedding Magazines OR google it!
OR, ask around from prevous brides that u know..
You can even ask your wedding dress designer
Coz sometimes, they are indirectly "tie-up" with them!
(that was how i got my make-up Artist)
Plus...these designer are getting some commissions
if they introduced them...
(However, A bit cheaper though if you can get them direct!)


`BaHa` said...

Would like to suggest some other names that i experienced to work with and i think they are good:

Shamin Manja
Fiza Zainuddin
Misze Manja

Most probably they have facebook, flicker etc. So easy to track.

4weddingku.mya said...

That is great 'Baha'. Really appreciate this!!

- z L a - said...

i tried fiza zainuddin for my engagement and she was superb! highly recommendation for her..can visit my facebook for review.

Anonymous said...

Shamnina Omar

Hatta from D'Kayangan, Pondok Berkat Shah Alam- i've personally used him for my wedding. The dude's good. D' Kayangan- 55101801.

Anonymous said...

-Shamnina Omar
-Sue Cantik
-Hatta from D'Kayangan, Pondok Berkat Shah Alam- i've personally used him for my wedding. The dude's good. D' Kayangan- 55101801.

fazura said...

i would recommend EMMA from .. see by urself to believe it. she has done a lot of treamendous makeup jobs in bridal makeups...

4weddingku.mya said...

Yes, 80% of name mentioned above, i would agree too!! It is amazing kan actually out there there are many more local talent found! especially bumi's!

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Scarlett said...

My make-up for wedding was done by Heintje Nazaruddin from Heintje Couture who is also the owner of Heintje Dancers. Everybody said i looked so different...
His rate is still below RM1k..

Lee Orlian and Lee Drillman said...

Hi do you have other blog posts which talks about everyday makeup, how to look fresh even with makeup on, things like that.


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