Monday, December 08, 2008

Lip Gloss on Hari Nikah??

Ive been asked by my client
which is very interesting...

"Mya! U think masa Nikah nanti kalau i pakai Lip Gloss ok tak?"

Well, firstly its obvious she does not have some professional make-up artist hired.
Its ok dear, if u are good in doing your own make-up - why not kan!!
Anyway, this is just my advise (meaning come from non-pro in make up ok!)

For me, Lip Gloss is necessary.(Especially if u choose more natural look)
You should look more like yourself rather then some 'drag queen look'
Plus, it will make ur lips look fuller.
and will look radiant in photos too!

"What is the best Lip Gloss colour do u think?"

Hurm, then the question start getting difficult (for someone yang tak suka make up)
Then also I knew that she does not like to wear lipgloss that much
Well, I believed there are varities of Lip Gloss colour to choose from..
Peachy-Pink, Sheer-Plump, Nude-Natural and many more..

Hurm, i think i better stop talking on something that i'm not expert in..
However, i never like to dispoint my client cum friends
Here are some favourite brands used by me, fellow friends & other clients i asked!
That may be works during ur nikah day.
(these are only testimonials! Real results and at affordable price)

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PeminatJutawanMalaysia said...

satu blog yg menarik..unik n tips perkahwinan dan kecantikan yg bgs..


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