Saturday, November 22, 2008

The sense of smell

Yes, i know everyone now is on stress
(Maklumlah musim kahwin)
But try to always remember
That you must loosen up until your Big day
As we do not want a bride with puffy eyes
Nor un-happy faces on 'pelamin'

So try on this easy tips,
Just get yourself a scented candle
Or a real good aroma theraphy
from many real good stores around the town

Light it on as before you go to sleep
Or even while writting a wedding plan
You will feel the difference ...
The sence of peace

Benefit of Aroma Theraphy
1. Calm the emotions, mind and nervous system
2. Easy pain in muscles and joint
3. Create feeling of well-being

Form of Scents
1. Scented Candles & Potporri
2. Soap & Shampoos
3. Lotions & Oils

Type of Scents
1. Flowers
2. Fruity
3. Nature

Famous Scents
1. Lavender (Help to balance mind & spirit)
2. Rose (Help to calm)
3. Jasmine (Sensual Sense)

Affordable Yet Offer Great scents
(Stores available in Malaysia)
1. Lovely Lace
2. Crabtree & Evelyn
3. Loccitane
4. Bodyshop

Mya's fav pick: Smell of Bath&Body Work

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