Friday, October 31, 2008

Hot Ideas of Bachelorette Party

1. The Spa Way
Get some of your close girlfreinds to be together indulged and pampered yourself into head to toe bridal spa pacakages!

2. Pyjamas Party (& Pillow Fight)
With your childhood friends, talk all night long about your life beautiful memories in your pyjamas. Feel like young again!

3. Girls Weekend Away
Took a 3D/2N or 2D/1N weekend off to any local destinations (eg PD, Bukit Tinggi, Cameron Highland, Genting Highland) and spent quality time with all your good friends. It pretty good time to catch up stuff too!!

4. The Yoga Style
Feels want to relax but being healthy, try to take or hire personal trainer for Yoga. It benefit everybody!

5. Shopping Day
Yes, this is the most fav ones. Meet your girlfriends at Starbucks and spent the whole day shopping simpoly anything to get yourself prepared being a wifey (eg lingeries, households etc) at shopping complexes.

6. Karaoke Day
Wants to have fun?, go for a karaoke! (make sure -I Will Survive- will be part of your song list too!

7. Baking Time
Wants to try your baking skill? Try baking with anyone you loves and tested that skills. Cupacakes defnitely cute ideas. Sent it to him to give some hint-I can Bake honey.....

8. Ice-Cream Day
Who does not love Ice-Creaam... But before my wedding day? Well.. get a low- fat ones and eats it unselfishly with your girlfriends. Simply greatest way for de-stress of ant crazy bridezilla.

9. Photo Session
Hire a photographer to capture happy momentsof you and your girlfriends. Outdoor simply will make that photo memorable!

10. Coffee or Tea Time
Just have that girls talk at any coffee or tea cafe around the town. Talk about past and future. Simple way to de-stress too!!


elizabeth said...

thanks for the great ideas.

Cherise said...

The bridal party spa idea is great. My brother and his girlfriend of 10 years were finally getting married. She had picked the perfect dress, gorgeous flowers, location, food, invitations, hair and makeup...but we needed more! Then we got together and went for a spa day. The bridesmaids loved it. But it didn't end there. We found that you can mix and match fragrance oils to create your own signature scent or perfume My soon to be sister-in-law created a fragrance for her special day and all the bridesmaids did too. It was fun and best of all...everytime my sister in law smells that scent...she instantly remembers her wedding day. And because she created the scent one can wear it or take away her special scent. I would definitely recommend this. After all, scents evoke memories, create moods and you definitely need to make your wedding special in all ways.


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