Saturday, June 14, 2008

Perfect Wedding Shoes

Got this enquiry about what is the right wedding shoes?
Well, personally for me - Less is More (Like always!)
Definitely the wedding gown must be full of laces and beaded..
So,lets try to make the shoes to be less attention.
We do not want to be called some Christmas Tree nor some TNB generator rite...
So, for those who are looking for the right wedding shoes at affordable price,
I must say - go with ..

1) Simple Satin Shoes.. (Primavera)
2) Matching Laces & Colour with Wedding Gown (Customised)
3) Plain Shoes with some beads to make it look glamourous (Lewre)
4) Plain shoes with 1 simple yet exclusive brooch (Charmain)

* For those who have that extra RM, get Jimmy Choo, Manolos or Stuart Weitzman!

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