Friday, April 04, 2008

Used Wedding Gown

Gorgeous Wedding Gown is a must! Brides could spent thousands of RM for simply adorable & beautiful gown. If you simply have that extra cash, you can just buy it and keep for your memory. But if have tight budget budget, rental is not so much of problem these days. But my dear brides, please make sure that after being altered fitting into your size that the gown still look pretty as it is. Nanti ada bahu senget sebelah lah , Kain nampak too big etc. Ive seen many. Try to find gowns that more or less of your sizes. Then it will be worth paying!
However, did u know that there are many boutiques now selling affordable designers gowns 2nd hand. (Of course not here ok!) Yes!. All worn once and the sellers providing all little details about the gown . Visit Bellancora for more wedding gowns

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