Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wedding Flowers - Part 4

This is my last entree about flowers for weddings.
As per my previous entree.. i will name few gorgeous flowers that suitable for all weddings.

1. Amaryillis
(Colour: White,Green, Yellow, Pink,Red)
(Scent: None)
2. Camellia
(Colour: White, Cream, Pink, Red)
(Scent: Sweet)
3. Chrysanthemum
(Colour: White, Green, Orange, Red, Burgandy)
(Scent: Musky)
4. Dahlia
(Colour:Red, Pink, Purple)
(Scent: Strong & Spicy)
5. Freesia
(Colout: All colours except Blue)
(Scent: Sweet)
(Colour: Ivory)
(Scent: Fragrant)
(Colour: White, Pink, Purple, Blue)
(Scent: None)
8. Iris
(Colour: White, Yellow, Purple)
(Scent: None to sweet)
9. Peony
(Colour: Peach,Pink, Burngandy,Red)
(Scent: Sweet to Aromatic)
10.Sweet Pea
(Colour: Lavender, White, Pink, Purple)
(Scent: Very Sweet)

So there u are my 10 favourite flowers. Google up and i'm telling u... u will love it too!!

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