Sunday, March 23, 2008

A last Minute Wedding Plan (a fun journey)

Hi everyone...
What i'am gonna share today is a real life story.
Story about my customer that rented some stuff recently.
What is so excited about this couple is, they are planning a verrrryyy last minute weds plan.
Yup! Due to some technical thingy... thier weds been planned on 08.03.08 being postphoned to another date. However they never expected it to be this early!

When the cute bride & sempoi groom came over for some some consultation.. i am very surprised to know that there were many stuff was not taken care yet! (that was 10 days before their weds)!

But what i really want to share is .. this is the most sempoi couple i must said!. Although it is a very last minute.. but they look so much fun & cute together. I mean, ive seen many customer came to ask for opnion saying it was last min plan fro them (actually another 6 months) and they look stressed out making some decision! But really, this couple have so much-much laughter & they look majorly inlove! I so adore them!!! I can really feel lthat love is in the air!

So i must said, does not matter how ur wedding plan goes...u must always have fun with it!.. In that wonderful journey before u&him saying - i do, know him & cherish him by throwing your beautiful smiles! You will definitely enjoying it!

Congratulations adik Emy & Hubby.

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ichigo said...

wow, what a perfect match..their sempoiness is unbeliavable..!!! lol


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