Monday, September 10, 2007

hi everyone... sorry ive been sick .. tak sempat to update this blog. well, today I dont have any particular topic to mumble but knowing everday no of plp visited this blog (although i tak selalu update) make me do to not want to dissapoint the readers. Thank you again for always readung me.

Hurm, yes hari raya puasa is coming. Yeah!! im going thru my fasting month and hari raya with my hubby! Tak sabarnya. It will be one new experienced for me and i supposed to many newly weds too ! I am pretty excited about this. So knowing ill be visiting many of his relative this coming festive, i have to prepare not one but may be 2 or 3 pasangs baju kurung rite... (alasan kan!). Well no matter how many,the process choosing the colour is the most interesting. Last week i went to Gulatis, Ampang Point. We dont have any colour specifically so we went every rack ( i mean ) I went to every rack n in search of the nice colour n design. (What is this year trend? besides songket yek?)

After have went up n down the 3 storey building, i found myself majorly in love with turqousie. I bought the PLAIN Shantung Silk Turqousie cloth. So, to match i find him 2 tone down of my colour. The salesgirl then said ' ambiklah corak2 ni dik.. opel, shiffon, silk..' .. hurm...i tried to find and 'termakan' the salesgirl kata-kata but my hand still went back to the plain kain section. hurm, I guess i am really inlove with this klasik look. For me Plain Baju Kurung with 1 or 2 loud accesorries will always work! Some might said to plain for hari raya but.. hey, this is me. I want to be me when I meet the rest of the family ...

So u readers, whats your colour.. surely matching-matching with ur loves one...
Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan! ..

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