Sunday, July 29, 2007

Personalised and Creative Musics,Wedding cards, cakes lately are so IN.. just add a lil bit of RM , n u 'll have a personalised stuff. Although some would say... " people dont actually keep it or value it" .. its not that true actually. I kept those creative n super nice cards. n i knew many too.. (kan! kan! kan!) Or even take pix or keep those boxes pf given choc and sweet. Simply for reference or u just sayang nak buang. May be we value how much hard work the bridal & groom been thru.
Singapore have many really cool personalised stuff providers. Malaysia pun ada jugak tp may be i havent got many list in hand. Dont worry!.. ill take this as one of my homework. (if u have many.. let me know ok). So here are my Singapore List.. Enjoy!

Coming Soon .. 4weddingku pick on- Photography&Wedding gowns in Singapore


dill said...

saw the links of malaysia photographers..but none of them are from east coast..I mean from kelantan or terengganu..hmm.. memang takde ke ek? kalau ada katne nak carik? :(

From 4 of us said...

Hi dill.. yes.. i have few links that showed really cool shots photographers from east coast. Nanti mya updates the links ok! thanks for the comment!

dill said...

ohh..ada ye? thank you! thank you! ur web ni memang awesome! keep up the good work ya!


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