Thursday, December 14, 2006

well... another 2 days & i ll be called a wife.. (hehe,..excited)
rite now my house so like..tongkang pecah...heheh.. things are unorganized but insya allah by nite.. it will be better. today entree just talking about feeling. feeling so happy finaly im gonna get married wit arjuna after 8 years together.feeling excited on whole wed prep.feeling preassured as some of the things are not ready. feeling happy that my family even in australia all are already here just to celebrate me. feeling tension coz my wedding gown will only be ready on saturday night. hmm.. its a mix of feeling actually..Last, feeling glad that4weddingku is well accepted..Lalallalalalalalla.....

ok now lets talk about music to be played during a wedding. well i doing a compilation rite now. i said prefer not to those..."renjis-renjis dipilis". entahlah.. i like something simpler . perhaps some orchestra or ghazal music.. isk..i have to go to borders then.. catch u all later...

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