Friday, February 17, 2012

2011 4weddingku Blog Awards Winner

Alright, its that moment of time...
We will be announcing the winner of 4weddingku Blog Awards now!
(So excited)

First of all, we must shared that 2011 was never easy!
Many blogs were in our favourite list!
Doesnt matter she (the bride) already married in 2011 or still in her journey
We've gone through most of them!

In our opinion, 2011 pattern; was sharing most of DIY ideas.
which we are very proud of..
- putting that sentimental elements into the bride's big day!
But most importantly, set a guide to other brides
who wish to have some cut into their budget..(bravo)
Even we enjoy it very much too!

Nonetheless, some nominated brides did not comply
to our only rules, linking us! (Sorry peeps)
However we believed this decision is the best we've made!

Congratulations winners,
Wait for our next post as we will share why we choose them!
(and yes, to claim your gift too!)


Anonymous said...


semua pemenang bagi ilham untuk kitorang yg b2b 2012! tq

choclairissa@intan marliana said...

Congrats uolss..deserve to win :-)

amal salleh said...

yep diorg mmg sgt gigih!

FY said...

congrats and big hugs to all guys deserve it! xoxo


Rilla said...

Didn't expect this, but Alhamdulillah~~ *blush*

amit said...

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get

this tips from you

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Anonymous said...

I didn't expect this too. Thanks so much to whoever vote for TSWAST. Diy is fun! :)

Nana Syazana said...

congrats all! :)

btwm check out my blog, thanks hehe


Wow!!! Thank youuuuuuuu!!! As much as we inspire the bride2be, u inspire us too! :)) thanks love!

Renee Meow said...

Alhamdulillah... thanks so much 4weddingku.. most favourite giteww..haha xsangka.. tqtqtqtq.. congratz to all winners too, u all deserved it..! :D


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