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Hi everyone.
Sorry for the long hiatus. Motherhood, passion and writings are something very difficult for me to handle. Juggling all of above require lots of smart time management.
Anyway, if you missed us, we are ACTIVE at other social media platforms.

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For those who have emailed us request some collaboration of contents and for fellow bloggers (I am very surprised that there are still wedding bloggers who have high passion in writing) who have emailed us for keep on writing and inspired them, really! Thank you for your inspiring words.

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Have a good Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How do brides saved up for their wedding ?

Saving up for wedding, can be a hard but totally worth it.
So how do normally brides saved up for their wedding?

Here are some tips and tricks you could apply
1. Earn extra income via side business (This could top up the Photo Booth/ Candy buffet/ Hand Bouquet charges)
2. Save 10% from any money that comes in
3. Prudent spending
4. Map a monthly budget to accommodate the TOTAL budget
5. Seek sponsorship from close family members / friends (GOOD LUCK!)
6. Commit to a short term investment that would give absolute return when the time comes
7. Create "piggy bank" for specific reason. e.g for "Baju Cantik Rizalman". Once its 'full', make the necessary payment or get someone to put it aside. Then, create another reason.
8. It's time to clear your wardrobe. Sell your pre love items via Carousell
9. Cut back in the areas that weren't necessity
10. Be that smart bride. Skip anything that is not important or DIY if possible. With that you could saved more!

Happy Planning dear 2016 brides!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Bride

Due to our hectic schedules, not many future brides are willing to do-it yourself wedding projects.
It is also highly due readymade wedding stuff are cheaper nowadays and offer quite a good deal.
Several days ago, I stumbled upon ig @masmona115 's creations. I love the idea  - she made DIY table centerpiece and signage decorations. 

It is actually true that these things are easily assembled and decorated. With help from pinterest, Instagram and social media, there are actually steps by steps in making them.

But before you plan for any, maybe you should read this really good tips from  The Wedding Notebook

Top 10 Mistakes DIY Brides Make

1. Not Reading and research enough
Why repeat mistakes that other brides have made? Besides searching for ideas from wedding websites and Pinterest, reading wedding guides and stories from other brides will help you anticipate and prepare for those easily overlooked items.

2. Underestimating how much time you'll need
Be realistic about how much you can DIY, especially if you have a day job. Start early, begin with the main backdrop, and add more details when you have the time. Avoid leaving anything until the last week, just in case something else crops up.

3. Hiring vendors because they are cheap
Hire the most affordable vendors based on the quality you want. Research potential vendors and make sure their portfolio is legit. Hiring the wrong vendor could end up costing you more.

4. Not having a clear theme
For some brides, the biggest problem is how to combine all the ideas out there in your wedding. Have a very clear picture of what you want – organise your ideas in Pinterest, but also have a folder with a clear colour theme and look. Make sure everything looks good together, if they don’t, remove some items. The more elements you combine, the higher the chance that you’ll end up creating a mess.

5. Doing it all by yourself
The greatest mistake a DIY bride can make is thinking that she will have the time to set up on the actual day. Hire a coordinator or get someone you trust to take over, preferably a month beforehand so that he/she has a clearer overview. Get family and friends to help out too!

6. No Backup Plan
As much as you should not over-worry, some things are better planned in advance, for example, a Plan B for outdoor weddings in case of rain, or extra tables and arrangements for unexpected guests.

7. Thinking that you need time to make everything
There might be items that you need to buy or maybe even rent – for example, a vintage car – to complete the look. You’ll be surprised at how something like that will make your d├ęcor look so much more awesome. Making a DIY wedding bouquet is harder than you think, and we’ve seen many fall apart on the actual day. If you really want to, put something together for your bridesmaids, but make sure you test it out with real flowers in advance. Personally, we would opt for a professional florist, especially for the bridal bouquet.

8. Over-thinking things
Decide what you want, compare prices, and buy as many things as possible from the same place. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s pastel pink or blush pink, as long as you like it. There’s no point in walking from shop to shop just to compare different pinks; it will only wear you out. Also, don’t lose sleep over whether to pick chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. Buy whatever you want, and we promise your guests won’t make a fuss.

9. Printing your own things
As weddings fall under personal use, you technically won’t be sued for copyright infringement if you print something off the web, but do bear in mind that most of the time, the quality of the images are too low to be used as a gigantic backdrop. Also, consider laser printing or waterproof inkjet ink if you are doing DIY prints for your dessert table or for an outdoor wedding.

10. Assuming DIY is always cheaper
This is not necessarily true. Get quotations for all the things you want and calculate your cost. Jars and building props are not exactly cheap, unless your husband-to-be is some kind of handyman.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Questions to ask my wedding photographer

Via our Instagram, we feature our current obsession towards Malaysian Based Wedding Photographer, Qippyphotography. We love every shots they featured and amazed with their gallery. Love Love Love.

I am always bias towards-wedding photography. I believed into it is one good investment to any brides. Beautiful photos bring great memory. Therefore when i started sharing some tips, i consistently remind future brides to spend slightly more time choosing the right official photographer and book them first once you are comfortable with the arrangement and budget. (Actually in our Top 3 to be confirmed list in wedding preparation - 1. Venue, 2. Tok Kadi 3. Wedding Photographer). Trust me, you won't regret!

In this blogpost, i'll be sharing great tips found via Pinterest on - Questions to ask My wedding Photographer. May be you should read it too!

    [ Source : Pinterest ]

                 [ Source : Qippyphotography ]

Sunday, January 04, 2015

4weddingku Blog's colours pick for 2015

It is always getting tougher every year.
Brides are becoming more creative. The combinations of ideas create greater wedding experience.
Bravo to the smart bride-to-be in this new millennium.

This is our pick for 2015. Blush and Powder Blue.
Drop us a comment, on what would you think will be the favourite colour for Malaysian brides?

[Image from Instagram; @love.and.marriage]
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Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello 2015

2014 has been a year filled with excitement, love and colours for us.
We came with new layout and new approach. (We promise to be more active next year!)
We came across with so many gorgeous wedding and beautiful brides.
Every year i would whisper to myself ; 'hey! how come they didn't have this during my yesteryears?' (Hahaha)

However i must admit too that our neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Brunei have lots of great Malay wedding. It have become more and more interesting industries here. New players and the leading team compete in a healthy way (Includes across countries too). Congratulations all. I think that should be the way anyway. In the end, it create win-win to both parties. As vendors, we will constantly improve our services and products while bride to be now have more options.

So 2015, please be kind.
Let us see what will be the wedding trend for the year.
Can't wait!

[ Photo from intagram: @myaanddyana ]

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Life in New York

Sorry for the long silence. I took a pause in living in the metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur
for the experience once in a lifetime being in the Big Apple.
What i can said basically ; it is exactly as what i normally watched (and expected) in Spiderman movie, CSI series or any other movies. The rushing crowd, the cool coffee culture, the stylish New Yorker and all other beautiful architecture buildings that impressed me.

I visited to several museums (like an other tourist checklist), walk at 5th and 6th Avenue and spent an hour at Central Park. Oh it was so cosy and relaxing. Highly due to that cold weather (Only 11c but i extremely feel super cold even with my winter jacket). Would like to visit this beautiful city again Insha Allah.

More photos in my Instagram : @mayahamzah

Friday, September 26, 2014

Malay Wedding Infographic

I found this very interesting facts on Malay Weddings. Adlan Khaidi managed to put it in graphic very well i think. Especially for those easy/laid back bride (or i would say mostly grooms), please do take a view. Completes from the 'dating stage' till life after marriage.

This images abstract from Malaysia Wedding Hub

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A gift for a Muslim Bride ; A must read book

Many bride-to-be prepared them self for their big day.
We have checklist making sure all things to do are done rightly.
We have dedicated blog writing our beautiful journey
But have we prepared our self inside?

Apart attending Kursus Kahwin, there are much more things to know carrying a responsibilities as wife.
After 5 years of marriage, i myself still in the learning process to be a better wife
So my advise to dear future bride; grab this book - A Gift for a Muslim Bride. 
Some knowledge which i think worth to read before you said i DO.
Reading on some stories of some exemplary women in Islam, In Sha Allah could also give you some guidance and how we, dear wife could earn the pleasure of Allah through following the Quran and Sunnah Nabi Muhammad (saw)

I got mine at Kinokuniya KLCC at only RM49 (Hard Cover Book)

    { Picture from Google Image }

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Feature Handbouquet : Pastelicious Handbouquet

Think would like to try something else AWESOME,
Check out this super classy hand bouquet. Best thing is, you can keep this as sentimental value or reuse for lots of other purposed.
More amazing that this is AVAILABLE in MALAYSIA sayang!
(Sad that during my time, i could not source this)

Pastelicious Handbouquet is definitely a choice of 4weddingku Blog

Vendor Name : Pastelicious Handbouquet
Instagram : Pastelicious_handbouquet
Contact : (Whatsapp)  +60172064100
All photos are from PasteliciousHandBouquet instagram 

Would like to be featured? Email


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