Saturday, August 23, 2014

Feature Handbouquet : Pastelicious Handbouquet

Think would like to try something else AWESOME,
Check out this super classy hand bouquet. Best thing is, you can keep this as sentimental value or reuse for lots of other purposed.
More amazing that this is AVAILABLE in MALAYSIA sayang!
(Sad that during my time, i could not source this)

Pastelicious Handbouquet is definitely a choice of 4weddingku Blog

Vendor Name : Pastelicious Handbouquet
Instagram : Pastelicious_handbouquet
Contact : (Whatsapp)  +60172064100
All photos are from PasteliciousHandBouquet instagram 

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1 comment:

Chong BU Chloe said...

It is obsolutely beautiful.i have not seen such creative way of doing the handmade handbouquet. Let me shall with you about handmade wedding gown in England. Read more..


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