Friday, November 16, 2012

Special Performance during wedding reception

Have you ever attended a wedding at hall/hotel, and been waiting what is the special performance for the bride&groom and the guest?
If you are, well you are not alone!
Despite the beautiful hall decor, delicious foods and moments of bride&groom,
Special performance does contribute to the complete experience!

Firstly- The celebrities.
Having them live singing that beautiful love songs always been the favourite. Yes, it somehow portrays that “exclusive” image of a particular wedding. Although may be for just one or two songs, they appearance always been the most waited performance.

Secondly- The surprise performance by close friends and families.
This has been my very own personal favourite which I could categorise it as “cool” wedding. Most common performance are singings and dancing AND it’s always not a perfect note!  May be not every guest would appreciate it but it certainly it is an unforgettable memories for the bride and groom.  Sometimes, it can turn to some drama when little speech included in between.. (I’ve witnessed a few..). However, i also have witnessed the groom himself sang ‘their’ love songs to the bride accompanied by close friends and families as backup band/singer/dancers. Awhhhh... Lucky you dear bride!! (Jealous....actually)

Thirdly-The live band/dance group.
This has been a pretty much common performance. Normally it is being pre-arranged or packaged up together with the event organiser or hall. For me, it is nice to have but less impact neither to the guest nor the bride&groom. (Sorry)

Fourthly- The Video Performance.
This has been the less complicated performance but created greater impact. It is my favourite and I believed, to many others too. Normally, a dedicated videographer team will be engaged and they will work hard to make beautiful videos; may be the solemnisation moment or even some great love stories. My most memorable ones when the story were turn to some cartoon animations. No real people involved. It was done in simple words and character.  Superb video shows I must say.

Fifthly- The other shows
I could not give the long list of the ‘others’ shows but this would include such as food performance and karaoke session. It is not something big to shout on this, but may be to a simple wedding; this could enlighten the whole wedding ceremony.

There goes how I categorised some best performance during wedding reception. Share with me if you ever experience or you yourself had that during your wedding..
May be its worth sharing and could give some options to bride-to-be.

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Wedding hair and makeup Brisbane said...

I did a brides hair who surprised everyone and sang and played her guitar just after the speeches. Not ever the groom knew.


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