Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is amongst an important individual in a wedding especially to the western countries.
Previously, only big or celebrities wedding were much related with wedding planner. But now, this person is pretty much common in every wedding.  It somehow proven that Malaysian Wedding Industries has develop and becoming very significant. (A good sign!)
Wedding planner makes the wedding almost perfect in the eye of the bride which everything were taken care while the bride, groom and family focusing on welcoming the guest. Of course, the sacrifice is dollar and scents. But some people prefer it such way as only one focal person to plan, communicate and sometime in certain situation, to complaint.
However please be reminded that one you have hired a wedding planner, full thrust must be given to him/her to make any work or decision making smooth. It’s their job to make your wedding beautiful as per requested and believe me, it is not an easy job either.
High patience required! (Wink)

However, there are still large group of bride and groom prefers to DIY. Adding the personal touch and sentimental value will make the wedding more meaningful.
Well, in this World Wide Web, I bet the bride and groom (or at least just the bride) has make proper study and research. To some, it’s my wedding so I want to do it my way.
In this situation, the bride or groom prefers only select their close family of friends to be in charged on certain thing. Easier on such way as they may be would know the bride and groom better.
Once I attended a wedding, the whole function being planner and organised by group of friends. (They look professional though). So i asked, “you hired an event organizer is it?”.
Surprisingly she said, that she and her group of closed friends had make an effort to built close network and becoming an event planner to any of circle’s wedding.
After several wedding, they have become better and planning & organizing wedding seems fun and easy. Great idea right!

On either way, solely depends on the bride and grooms family preference. Check on what are the requirement and budget. Work best from it.
During my time, we hired a wedding planner to take care of “wedding related” i.e.  food, dais, invitation, tent, decor, photographer while the rest of which I categorised as “bride” related i.e. Hantaran, Wedding Gown,  and Gifts handled by another wedding planner – myself. J


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