Friday, August 10, 2012

Laces, so sexy

As you already know, Mya&Dyana are so into laces and beads
(Thats why we named our weddings/hantaran labels as Lacebeads by MyaDyana, )
They are yet a simple fabric and adds on accessories that does not need much work
It's like a statement already with no further captions followed

and this entree, i am gonna talk about lingerie
Yes, baby... laces lingeries (Sorry, i am not a fan of organza nor sweet schiffon nighties)
For me, it created such sweet feminine impact
Just ensure they fit you well! (Sloppy laces not sexy ok girls)
and of course, you have that hot body to show it off!
Exactly as posted by Grey Likes Weddings
Ohh... i would die for both (the body and the lingerie)

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lovelyadibah said...

love laces too:) sexy sgt.heee


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