Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blog Review: I is miss bride-to-be

I must say that world of bridal blog are very much exciting nowdays.
If you are new, there are many interesting tips and stories these wonderful brides shared
1 word could describe them -- A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !

To refresh , 5 MUST VIEW BLOGS of 4weddingku Blog (Winner of 2009 4weddingku Blog Awards) are the amongst the first must you review!

So i am creating new column ; Bride-to-be Blog Review.
Insya Allah i'll be posting 1 Bride-to-be Blogs (Or already married) that i personally think has .A.M.A.Z.I.N.G stories to shared.

How to be spotted...
I love bloghopping from my List of - Wedding Journey with Another Blogger.
So if i found you, i'll share your wonderful blog to the rest of bride-to-be..
Who knows we could benefit each other. (i know i did!)

So, our first (April) Blog Review is , I is Miss Bride-to-be .(the story of the miss bride to be and her encik rocker)

Love the way she write! Simple & very casual !!!
Her blog has (of course) the references, checklist and useful links.
Nice lay out too!!!

So, miss Aim - Love reading your blog !!!
and my dear readers, Check her wedding journey through her blog ....


farahfatihah said...

hi dear..tq 4 d info =)

Rabia Sensei said...

Thanks for the info. It helps me a lot! =)

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Mya: Hi Mya! How are you? Hope that you and the baby are doing well.. =)

Aim: Wowwie! Aim!! Congrats on the review!! ;)

xeea said...

her blog template is cute too!

the miss bride-to-be said...

mya: thanks a lot for the review. no wonder i had few new visitors coming in to my blog. :)

sarah: haha. i trlambat buka kot. br terperasan. :) thank u, thank sarah. :)

sophisticated bridezilla said...

congrats babe. hak, kat sane sini nak congrats. weeeeee *hugs*

the miss bride-to-be said...

lynda: thank u so much dear. *hugs* to u too. :)

Cincin D Jari said...

This is my first time entering your blog...cute la blog ni!!! I have been married for 4 years still berangan pasal wedding..."I should have this and that for my wedding dulu...!! Patut ada lantern banyak2 la.... hehehehe :)

keep up the great job!!

aim aris said...

cincin d jari: lol. same goes to me dear! :D still talking bout wedding eventho my time has passed. anyway thanks for dropping by and thanks for reading my blog. ;)

Amanda said...

First time on this blog... looking good.


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