Thursday, September 01, 2011

Story of her dream is my raya story

Hi all my brides...
Hope you have a blast eid fitri. We knew we are!
Hopefully it is not too late for both, mya&dyana
To wish you selamat hari raya aidilfitri
& Maaf zahir batin.

So what is your raya story?
Must be really something interesting & fun and memorable too...

Today, (from his hometown) i decided to post,
A story i heard back in ramadhan about my future bride...
Chasing her dream to become a fashion designer.
But since she has no academic background in this line, she will start small as
the wedding dress designer.. (katanya)

I was touched as she admitted that she has been my silence reader.
Yang best tu, since i started blogging on 4weddingku!
And she has a dream to become like us...
(Seriously, mya&dyana is no biggie nor an idol. we are both so far behind than all successful wedding planner or what ever you may call us)

But i am more excited as she passionly story me where she will be in next 10 years.
(Seriously, at our first meeting, she is really a very nice girl... and funny too)
To some, it may be too long journey...
But to some (similar with our motto)..
As long we will, and we are gonna be there,
Nothing to be impossible..
Biarlah start kecik pun, but at least we start somewhere...
And seriously, along the way... we will learn! (We knew we did)

Somehow, i have the feeling she will be succesful!
She will be recognized as a real fashion designer one day!
I just have the feeling... i just do!

And i tell this story to many my brides who has the dream to start doing thier own business.
Tak kisah lah jual cupcakes, tudung or even kuih raya...
As long we have the passion, insya allah with god's blessing..
We will be who we want to be.
Just do not follow the dream, CHASE them!

Story by the BIGGEST DREAMER.. Mya.


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Mimis said...

I pun ada dream jugak.. nak majukan my cupcakes biz.. :)


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