Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blog Review July - Ash & Ann

Its July and i need a new blog review.

While bloghopping, i found her blog. Actually this is not my first time as her way of blogging something similar with me! Full of expression. hahah. Love it!

Her latest entry on her own review of Best SPA in Shah Alam sangat menarik. Why i love it caused its her own review. Siap dengan harga. (I guess u really do your homework before decide anything huh... -Something very similar like me!). Siap bagi ranking!!! huhu. congratulations. Thsi kind of entree definitely benefit any other bride to be!! Even for someone yg already married and has my own spa favourite (Cinta Sari - Tradisi Spa) thinking of trying a new one.

Again, congratulations Ash and Ann for great story.

Visit her more!!


AyureQ said...

Lari tajuk sekejap.
Baru terperasan u r mom-to-be jgk!

boleh geng ni cause im not expert too~ hehe

4weddingku.mya said...

hhehhe Yer!!!
But now im already 4 month being proud mother!
You gonna love it!!!

AyureQ said... ke?..Congratulation!!! I sejak mengandung dh kurg jd stalker..Lol..

Btw, are u BF ur baby? :)

AyureQ said...

Oh Oh..just read ur comment at my blog.. hehe.. what model of madela u used dear? mini electric?

.:ANN512:. said...

dear mya~

oh..such a lovely post..thank you mya :) hehe..guess what? ann pon suka the way u blogging. i siap ada print few ur great great info for my ref..last year, cant remember which 1. hiks :)

glad to know kite serupa..hehe
take care mya :)


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