Monday, October 05, 2009

Photobook for Wedding Album

ive heard few of my brides and friends were talking about it
But never bother to 'look' deeper.
Until i went bloghopping to 4weddingku blogger's friend
And found her wedding album by
Photobook Malaysia is very cool indeed!Their tag -'Books made for a new kind of story teller' is pretty much catchy as well!

It is superb easy!

How it works?
Step 1 : Download
Step 2: Design
Step 3: Order

And how to Order?
1. via Online
2. via Postage of CD or send it by hand.

And What are the type of album & price?
1. Debossed Hardcover Books (40pgs)(Price ranges-RM224-RM304)
2.Imagewrap Harcover Books (40-64pgs)(Price ranges-RM208-RM368)
3.Softcover Books (40-64pgs)(Price at RM128)
4.Posters (Price at RM48)

Well i hope ive provide u much info needed.
Check out their website for more info.

And if u still thinking how it will turn up...
her album out! (Thanx for letting me shared ur beautiful moments)

mya's tip:
Make sure picture used are "editted" or snap from professional photographer! Just to ensure moments 'perfect'!


sakuramankai said...

i pun dh received my photobook...

rose razak said...

owhhh thnx 4weddingku...inilah yg dicari2 slame ni....i tgh cr alternative nak print out all my wedding pic gara teraniaya oleh OP sendiri..sedey sgt..da 5 bln kawen but still no pic :9 lucky sempat mintak soft copy b4 kejadian yg x diingini berlaku...thnx so much


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