Monday, June 01, 2009

Choosing your Official Photographer (Part 1)

Choosing the RIGHT photographer is not as simple as it thought. Especially nowadays, there are just SO MANY really good photographers out there. From really the most acknowledged by the industry, To popular ones simply because of celebrity pix they snapAnd even to only photographer (of smaller those CANON gadgets) but took an amazing shots! Ladies….. I totally understand u!

But here are 4weddingku own way.. of choosing the right photographer for your wedding!

(1) FIRST : Set your Budget
Brides-to-be!, photography is amongst LAST thing in list for you to SLASH the BUDGET if there are any concerns. Why! Simply because buat apa hired those wedding planner with that baju cantik beli dari bandung and that RM700 make up artist if ur photographer is just your cousin yg kebetulan pun ada duty pegang bunga manggar or bersilat later. Those wonderful moments of weddings would not PERFECTLY captured into photos.
So, please set a budget. BUT it does not have to be biggest cake in the budget list. An average will do. If you do not know how much is average, just ask around from ur friends who did get married or simply just used many promotion and advertisement banners they have at their photoblog.

Mya’s Ideal budget- RM1400 to RM1800

(2) SECOND : Know what do u want from an Official Photographer
Yes, I believed our modern bride-to-be now are more open on what are the options on the market currently. Things to consider:-
(a) How many photographer u want? ONE, TWO or THREE? Per Job?
(b) Reception coverage including Outdoor?
(c) Normal photo prints or those customized photo album (Highly recommended)

(3) THIRD : Shop around!
This is the fun part! Shop around. Places to find them :-
(a) Their official website
(b) Their photoblog – blogging/fotopages/flickr
(c) Wedding Magazines
(d) Testimonials from friends/family

What to shop, definitely their quality of work! I am no expert to talk deeply about photography, but I will talk from typical bride or customer’s criteria to their photographer.
(a) Photo Shots
(b) Editing skills


Azwani Azmi said...

tqvm 4 visiting my blog...sgt terharu when u such a big name like some of my to u too

yunayuni said...

cutting cost on photographer is definitely a no-no.

my wedding was in april but i still haven't received any finished results yet until today.

wonder is it normal for prof photog? or they simply do not have any SOP for delivery dates.hurm..

anyway nice blog and business.i did not came across your blog when i was planning my wedding but if i did you sure inspired me!

4weddingku.mya said...

Arrhh... u really touched me. But what i said is true! Ur work is is gorgeous too!!! (hey!..we are just small ler!)

Well,unsurelah. My personal experience memang lamalah. Took several months. Espcially my nikah moment captured by Jangguttouch. Rase ada dlm 4 bulan. (Sory Waq!.. Yang benar!). But believed me, the result will turn absolutely beautiful. Sebab kita tak push dier. So they will deliver with quality!

noor hamsiah said...

nice picture...

check it out..

YuNyLoveSYou said...

Thank you for giving such wonderful tips for me on choosing the right photographer~

choclairissa @ intan said...

i did my entry before i read this entry..luckily we are sharing same info..i bet both of u are masters in reviewing than me..

here's my link :


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