Monday, June 15, 2009

We are featured in NST today!

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Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

mya and dyana..
congratulations!! :D
u guys deserve this!
i hope 4weddingku will continue to serve all brides out there.
u guys are amazing!

hidden.wing said...

congrats mya :D

your blog was my first reference during my babysteps to wedding planning.

keep inspiring us & all the best to 4weddingku!

qiera kamil said...

congrats and all the best!!

Eliza said...

hmmm where's my pix eh?

aisyah said...

Hi Mya!
Asha here. Remember me the one booked ur hantaran from Texas? Now i'm back in malaysia.

I know finally one day u'll be spotted. You do not have to be BIG in order to be successful! U managed to do it in your own circle!

Congratulations and Good Luck! You rocks!!

kodi said...

congratulations i saw the article in nst too
maybe when i wanna get married in the future ill contact you to consult me

NahWaL said...

hey congratulations mya and dyana!! u guys rock!


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