Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome 2012

Hai everyone...

Welcome to new the layout of 4weddingku Blog..
It still maintaining its simple colour tones with minimalist design.
It have been soft pink/fushia but we decided to use new fresh colour this time around.
It to represent the new 4weddingku blog ideas.

The new 4weddingku blog will introduce new topic, column and ideas!
We have created brides very own ;- Utterly Bride Club
Where we listed our very own roll of honors, links and new column; Bride turn Business.

'Brides turn Business' simply to provide free platform.
This especially to our own brides promoting their new business.
As we realized, many brides turn to online entrepreneur & we wanna assist u!
We believed its a noble intention. Together earning better economy for the new family.

We also will be introducing; Meet the Blog Owner.
This year around, we will be featuring the mastermind of behind the beautiful creations of wedding related.
But the platform must be from the blog & definitely
Somebody that mya&dyana in love with too!

For those who wants that extra privilege with a little bit more of budget,
the new advertisement column provided!
All at affordable & valuable rates.

Wow, there are much more to list here...
But lets introduce it one by one yea Mya! hehhe
Enjoy everyone...

p/s: this new look being design by our own Utterly Bride Club. She will have her own story later in this blog ok! :)


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FY said...

i love your new layout~ bcoz i love butterfliesss..hehe..all da best!


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