Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Entry 2011

Hi everyone..
This will be our last entry for 2011 and the last one too featured via this layout.
Hey 2012! We will be back with much exciting and fun offering from all of our labels ;
Wedding & Creations :
Fashion & Lifestyle :

Hope to see all my brides, readers, fans and followers in 2012!
and definitely annoucing the 2011 4weddingku Blog Awards!

Happy New Year everyone!

p/s: Yes! we already have our own finals! huhu
and just incase along the way you are still wondering about 4weddingku updates, rambling and thoughts, feel free to follow us via our social media support :-
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Thank you all for the support!

1 comment:

farahD said...

Dearest all,

Care to exchange link on my handmade craft works for weddings and occasions? Feel free to visit my website
specialize in custom made guestbooks and wedding favors.

Hope we can exchange link. Btw I am current doing my first anniversary feel free to share with other B2B yea..

Looking forward to hearing your reply =)

FaraD (^^)


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