Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blog Review : Myself Meant Thee

I simply adore the pre-wedding shots of newly weds (Dah 1 tahun jugaklah)
The shots taken by GlassImages and shot only at Teluk Kemang
However, seeing they cute couple at very nice scenary & background
have complete the feeling of love in these pictures.

I guees it have been a trend now in Malaysia for bride to be for taking pre-weding picture.
I have seen many yang sangat cantik. Shots at old shops lah, tepi sawah, pantai and many more..
For me, why not kan! It can be those moment u could remember in entire life
And teh best is, it captured gorgeously by the pro! suka-suka.

For newly weds blog pick of the month is Myself Meanth Thee . Her style of wrintting is just simple and mostly expressed via pictures. Easier and more effective! Her tag is - All You Need is Love... (Dengarpun macam boleh rase this couple very lovey-dovey kan!)

Anyway, congratulations to Physic Hearts . Loving your pre-wedding pix. Simple but so nice!

All Photos are courtesy of the Featured Blog for the Month of MAY 2010.


idayusof said...

eee, best nye boleh buat pre-wedding shots. i dulu x sempat. tapi as u said, mmg santek the photos/

hana yoriee said...

pre-wed pics ini mmg mengagumkan.. =)

zLa said...

waaaaa...sangat shanteq!!!

Anonymous said...

salam.. thank u sooooo much n really appreciate ur kind thoughts.. heee keep on writing ur blog really inspiring! thank u for visiting my humble blog.. :)


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