Saturday, March 20, 2010

i need time ....

Hey everyone.
First of all, i must appologize for long silence.
This due to my my hectic schedule of my new role - mumsy!
I must said it was very tiring but it is really worth it!
Owh... i love my life now..

However, 4weddingku & other blogs are still in my heart.
I actually have so much ideas, story and link to share...
In fact, i still owe my readers on reasons why i choose the winners (4weddingku award)
So sorrry.....
How i wish i need more time...

However, i wanna take this opportunity to wish many of the bride-to-be,
Congratulations on your wedding,
(I notice a few my bride-to-be lists were just married)
Selamat Menempuhi alam yang baru! - hehehe-
Actually, ada a few juga were expecting!
(Yes, although i was a bit inactive lately... but ive been blog hopping)

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