Monday, September 29, 2008

Fresh Flowers Issues

yes, i knew we are in Raya Mood,
but hey!, this is Wedding Blog Rite....

For me, flowers are among the most important elements in wedding
Simply stunning hand bouquet will complete the bride 's smile
Gorgeously done flowers decor at Pelamin will make everyone else impress
And with just a bouquet of fresh flowers in the bride's room, will definitely bright up and create that romantric mood. (Sorry, Im not such fan of fancy bride's room decor.. = Less is More)

But nowdays, fresh flowers aint cheap!
Gubahan Hantaran with fresh Flowers ever are even more expensive then with specially decorative bunga dulang.
As for the rest, should i mention more..?
The issue is, ... is it really worth it?

Well, looking from my point of view,
Fresh Flowers MEMANG lah sangat cantik!
If i have that extra budget, i will definitely opt for ALL FRESH HYDRANGEAS, PEONIES & WHITE ROSES,
But u can play smart by mix & match your whole wedding concept!

Hand Bouquet (MUST Fresh Flowers)
Room Decor (MUST Fresh Flowers, but 1 big vase full with Red Roses or your preffered flowers will be good enough)
Stair Decor (OPT with Simple big bow or others accessories)
Doorgift (OPT with Simple Decorations)
Hantaran (OPT for other Bunga Dulang-We have plenty choices now)
Main Table Setting (OPT for creative decor eg Candle Holder)
Tent Decor (Opt for other romantic decor eg White Cage)
Pelamin (MUST Fresh Flowers if you want Garden Concept)
Hand Bouquet for Flower Girls (OPT for artificials but still look real)

There you go,
For any bride with fresh flowers issues (If you have that tight budget)
Hope it help!

1. To purchase, go some wholesale florist or the one that can give u great saving
2. Book your fresh flowers at least 1 week in advance to avoid non matching colour
3. For Self Made Hantaran with Fresh Flowers, only do at least 1 day before to ensure the 'freshness'
4. Choose flowers that still in buds for simply amazing look
5. Mix & Match with other flowers eg baby breath to create more natural look


Liyana said...

Nowadays, fabric flowers look real too. mahal sikit but at least boleh simpan. Masa I kawin, budget cukup2 if nak deco with fresh flowers (hehe... but berangan gak). Lagi pun buat style kampung. But I was so happy, my mak andam provide me with fresh flowers hand bouquet. She made my day.

4weddingku.mya said...

Totally agreed with Liyana! All u needis just to be creative and Insya Allah, you'll stay in ur budget!

little miss kechik said...

don't forget centre pieces.. fresh flowers would be realy nice.. but also pricy. a little creativity goes a looonggg way. and will definitely cut cost. one word..: martha stewarrt. oh yea.. that's 2 words. haha!

Dilla said...

I'll be using Fresh Flowers only for my handbouquet and Pelamin. The rest all artificial. But a good & fine ones! Ikutkan hati wanna fresh flowers for hantaran too but from Damansara to Sg.Petani, macam tak sesuai lah!


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