Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our 2014 look

On a lazy sunday, while watching FOOD NETWORK,
I am blogging while having a cup of coffee. [Bliss]
How i wished blogging is my full time job. Sigh.
Scanning through the blogging trend (especially on wedding)
Many future brides still make social media as point of reference
During my time [gee i sound OLD, LOL], people love to blog (Writing seems more compelling than pictures)
Now, all photography apps related seems the favourite ones.
But nonetheless, these 2 methods compliments the sharing of experience.

On whichever note, 4weddingku Blog will continue to provide interesting stories, tips and all topic that relevant for brides
Thank you for all the support and keep on reading us!
With that, welcome to the new look for 4weddingku Blog

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