Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Save the Date } Bride Gathering 3rd Feb

Hey all!
I must say, i have been busy blogwalking!
And i thought this year would be easy...
But actually, it is more difficult as it is trend that
mix content have been the favourite style!

So girls, keep the nominations coming! we will be continuing reading it..

BUT, we have even bigger announcement!
We will be making our first appearance in 2013 by attending;
A special Bride-to-be Gathering!
Yes, you hear it girls!!

Please SMS/EMAIL :
012-285 4181 (Farah) / 012- 239 2884 (Waty)

2pm-3pm           : Registration
3pm-3.30pm      : Doa,welcome speech and Blog&Brides-Chat session with 4weddingku Blog.

3.30pm-4.00pm : Makan & mingle around
4.00pm-4.30pm : Games
4.30pm-5.30pm : Break & solat asar
5.30pm-6.00pm : make up tutorial
6.00pm-6.30pm : shawl tutorial & image consultation
6.30pm-7.00pm : photoobooth session

So, make the call dear brides and meet us there!!
I heard there would be goodies and other interesting stuff!



FarizAtie said...

inshaa allah join..:)

4weddingku.mya said...

Great! Come and say hi to me ok!!!

FarizAtie said...

insyaa allah dear..atie tgh mark mke sorunk2 ok..tkt mke kt blog len sket dr sebenar..^_^
remmber me k..i plan 1 meja dgn Renee..^_^..nnt jmp i kt situ k...^_^


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