Saturday, December 17, 2011

Will you steal the moment bridesmaid?

If you are getting married,
Have you ever been into a situation where
It is very difficult to choose the right bridesmaid as you do not want her to steal the limelight?
Or been or attended any wedding where all eyes are more focus to the bridesmaid instead?
Yes, this moment might been ackward but its for REAL!

What i meant by "stealing the limelight" can be either she is seen as more glamourous than the bride or can be somehow, she might have that 'aura' aka louder speaker that might attract anyone in the weds.

Personally, i think it requires both logical and mutual agreement.
If you are a bride, bridesmaid supposed to compliment you!
If you are a bridesmaid, you need to be reminded that it is 'her' big day and not yours. However this will give you a great platform to share some of her nerv, story and feeling being a bride till your right moment comes.

Just sharing thoughts..

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