Monday, May 16, 2011

Rental polaroid

I found this blog while blogwalking.
Photoboothcorner is new shop in town. They offer rental of polaroid camera which have been a trend lately to compliment bride's photobooth.
But what i would like to share most that,
They are having a promotion for first 50 customers :-
1. Rental of polaroid camera for RM50 per event only
2. Return deposit is RM200
3. Rental period is 3 days
So, isnt this a sweet deal.
Visit Photoboothcorner for their terms & conditions
{photo from Photobooth Corner}


K.I.N.A said...

Polaroids are so damn cute! mesti ada 1..;)

lovelyadibah said...

Thanks alot mya:) we are truly grateful with this post:)-thephotoboothcorner-

Fatin Fairuz said...

dah follow mya!=)

choclairissa @ intan said...

good idea~

iedchan said...

besh2..beli trus pun ape slhnye polaroid ni..murah je pun..hehe..:P

Renee Meow said...

yeay for dbaaaaa... :D


nuraien said...

nak sewa dengan adibah,x dpt sbb kat jb.huhu..klu beli berape ekh??

Anonymous said...

hi saya nak sewa utk birthday party 7dec boleh?

0172017709 -wani-


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