Monday, May 02, 2011

Plant as Wedding Gift

When i found this,i was very excited
May be this has become pretty norm to the western
But hardly (actually never heard) it happend here in Malaysia
(Beside the famous -light bulb- during Maya Karin's wedding).
Making this definitely aint hard & most importantly it carry - THE GREEN EARTH spirit!
Let us know if u have known any ok!

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choclairissa @ intan said...

eco green favours..i like ;)

Fie said...

It's quite a nice gift actually.

When I went for Xandria Ooi's wedding, she and her hubby gave really cute potted plants as door gifts. They're still alive, sitting in my fiancee's house.

4weddingku.mya said...

Hey Fie..
Seriously..sound so cool! wixh could see the pix.

Yes indeed. but i think can be a bit pricey. (Imagine if the plant in pot can cost u at RM8. With decor total could reach up to RM10).

malaysiaweddingfavors said...

Thanks for sharing this.
It's a great idea for the door gift if the budget is not a issue.

A natural look for the wedding theme.

Julia Cates said...

Its nice idea.
Wedding Song

Ribbon N Such said...

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ILynn Virgobiru said...

im a photographer.
and I did one wedding where the pengantin gave mini plants as door gift!
i was impressed! got their pics..but they're on my flickr

Anonymous said...

cool idea..where do i get them in malaysia???


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